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Awareness of Our Inner Light

We are living in a wondrous time of transformation of all conscious beings from an energetic realm of negative polarity of fear into a realm of positive polarity of joy and beauty. For eons we have been subject to enslavement, torture and suffering so great that it had to be hidden from humanity. Now it is all coming into the light for acceptance and transformation. As this process proceeds, it stimulates chaos, anger, even rage and desire for revenge. There must be balance in justice, but we do not need to be the judges or the enforcers. There are cosmic forces that deal with karma. If we desire to take the path leading to participation in the consciousness of the Creator, we need to be the forgivers and the lovers.

Every living being receives conscious life force from the infinite consciousness of the Creator. We can choose to relate only to this life-enhancing energy and provide no alignment with negative, low-vibration energy. Our state of being is a personal choice, and it expresses itself as our energy signature, which radiates its vibrations around us as our photonic aura. We are the creators in every moment, even if we’re unaware of this. We create by our radiant energy, which flows out into the quantum field, which envelopes us, and attracts compatibly charged and resonant energetic patterns, which become our experiences.

Although photons express their consciousness in our visible light spectrum, we are aware of them only in large quantities, which we produce when we are fully enlightened. When we are open to receiving the full presence of life force that we are designed to experience, we are capable of carrying and emitting a great charge of energy. We have unlimited electromagnetic energy available for us to create with. In our essence, we are light beings, but in our restricted state of fear, we limit the life-enhancing energy that we can receive by our perspective, our limiting beliefs and our negative thoughts and emotions.

Everything that’s happening on our planet now is prompting us to awaken to our true Being, our connection with universal consciousness and our inner light. When we search for it, we can feel the presence of the light in our heart through our intuition, our joy and deepest love. We only need to be open to it and call it into our awareness.

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