Awareness of Our Energy Spectrum

There is no competition for enlightenment. Eventually everyone will get there by many circuitous routes. We always have free choice for our attention and focus; however, we’ve been trained and programmed to believe that we must vibrate within a socially-acceptable spectrum of energy. Those beliefs are all based in fear of anticipated suffering and termination. Apart from our alignment with their energy patterns, they could not exist. Fear is not a real thing. We imagine it into our recognized reality. Our life force goes out through our attention to provide the vibratory pattern that we radiate into the quantum field, from which it becomes recognizable for us as real. By withdrawing our attention and refocusing, we stop creating the old frequencies.

We have the ability to pay attention for our creations. We can select the vibratory frequency that we choose. We can feel and imagine living in that spectrum of energy. We can choose to experience vibrations that are beyond the boundaries of the empirical world, frequency patterns such as truth and clarity of consciousness. We can choose to know and feel the true energy of our heart and our intuitive knowing. We can know when we are focusing in our true, natural energy patterns in a higher dimension. This is the spectrum of joy and everything that aligns with it.

We are so much more than our human selves. We do not need our physical bodies, except for our empirical experiences. If we take our attention away from the body and focus on just being present in awareness of our Being, we can feel and know in our heart and intuition that we are eternal self-aware persons.

Our natural, most fulfilling vibratory frequencies are in alignment with the rising resonant frequencies of Gaia, Spirit of the Earth. We can intend to feel and align with these vibrations, which also align with our heart, by being in nature, especially in beautiful and spectacular environments, and being aware of the qualities of energy patterns we encounter, as well as the vibrations that come through our bare feet on the Earth.

Our Creator consciousness expresses itself as our personal energy signature in the quantum field. The energy patterns that we create in our own consciousness radiate their vibrations into the quantum field of all potentialities, attracting energetic patterns that resonate with us. These become our experiences. We can have control of our lives just through the focus of our attention. We can elevate our lives by our awareness and intentional alignment with our intuitive knowing.

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