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Awareness of Our Energetic Balance

Each of us is a unique Person, capable of knowing the expanse of universal consciousness and the unconditional love that constantly flows to us in the life force of the consciousness of the Creator of all. In our natural Being, we can realize the magnitude of our universal consciousness, but in our compartmentalized consciousness within the spectrum of vibrations of humanity, we have closed ourselves off from knowing the Creator. We do this by ignoring our intuition and conscience. We have trained our subconscious minds to filter out the messages from our heart, but if we feel drawn to the heart of our Being, we become aware of our innate Being beyond the energetic dimension of humanity’s vibrational perception. Our innate Being is aligned with joy and love, but is willing to follow our choices in serving us. As we delve into the realm of fear, our innate Being empowers us to manifest fearful situations for us to experience. It helps us in whatever way we choose to go.

We have the ability to choose to exist and be in the high vibrational realm of love and joy. It is our natural state of Being. It is our pure present awareness, observing all and aligning with the vibrations that we choose to focus on. The focus of our attention and emotional awareness is much more than just our thoughts and feelings that run through us all the time. It is our creative stream of Being. The vibratory level that we choose to inhabit with our awareness provides the energy signature that attracts experiences that are in alignment with us.

Becoming aware of our energetic balance can allow us to know what we’re constantly creating. This can be intentional for us. We can jump around in our mental and emotional polarity and between high and low frequencies. If we choose positive, high-frequency vibratory patterns to recognize and align with, we can come into the presence of our true Self and the realm of greatest love, joy and eternal presence of awareness. We can know how we are multidimensional and can have universal consciousness in the dimension of love and gratitude. We can also have limited consciousness in the dimension of humanity’s vibrations. The power and free choice of how we use our attention determines our energetic expression, which radiates around our physical presence in the form of conscious photons that we emit constantly. These come from our life force through our attention, which is why we can see our vibratory level through our eyes. Photons are conscious, subatomic quantum light beings. The ones that we emit are in alignment with our energetic expression and are colored as such in our aura.

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