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Awareness of Greater Consciousness

As telepaths know, universal consciousness enables us to be aware of the awareness of other conscious beings. Our universe is loaded with magnificent conscious beings, including the planets and stars. We are all radiant energy beings interacting with one another. Each of us determines the quality of our interactions in how we choose to feel at any moment. Our ego-consciousness presents challenges to us, all based on lack and fear, but it is possible for us to choose to receive everything while being aware of being our present awareness and acting in ways that benefit all life.

In the essence of our heart we constantly receive the conscious life force of infinite consciousness, enlivening us to create experiences, whose energy is transmitted throughout consciousness, contributing to infinite expansion. The Spirit of our planet also expresses herself through her energetic radiance, which we interact with constantly. Its energetic expression is most powerful for our awareness when we have skin touching the unpolluted Earth.

Our Sun magnetically attracts and directs the energy in our Solar System. As the clearest and brightest conscious Being in our human experience, he illuminates our lives in every way. Our planet and our Star live in the same energetic dimension as our heart-consciousness. We can receive their conscious expressions by opening ourselves to their energy and desiring to feel it and know it. This happens when we are in a state of life-enhancing feelings and thoughts, appreciating their essence and expressions.

Like our heart, our planet is unconditionally-accepting and forgiving of humanity. She continues to provide every sustenance for us, regardless of what we do to her. When we are in alignment with her energy, it is the same as our alignment with our heart-consciousness. This is our connection with our own essence and the opening of our awareness to greater realization.

We can realize that the empirical world consists of electrical and magnetic energy, just like our thoughts and emotions. As we have control of our thoughts and emotions, we can control and direct the empirical world of our own experience. We have the personal choice of creating a world of beauty and love for our experience and all of the others who make the same choice.

In our quest to be more acutely aware of our intuition, the true essence of nature, as an expression of universal consciousness, provides wonderful guidance for us to align with.

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