Awareness Beyond Our Limits

All patterns of energy that confront us are filtered to our awareness through our beliefs in our limitations. We have the ability to filter and limit the conscious life force that enlivens us and gives us consciousness. Although they are deeply imprinted on our subconscious innate being, we are not required to hold these beliefs. They were all formed in the negative polarity of fear, with the intent of protecting our physicality without higher guidance.

As we enter the path of knowing our true Self, we can be observant and aware of our emotions in every encounter. They detect the quality of energy patterns that stimulate our feelings. Our emotions can also be creative when we want to feel them. As we can imagine scenarios in alignment with our creative emotional state, we can strive for clarity in aligning with the vibratory level of joy and equanimity.

The traditional human energy spectrum is negatively polarized. It is the realm of ego-consciousness, with its limiting beliefs in shame, suffering and death. These are real for us only because we believe in them. We experience the energetic frequencies of our energy signature, which is the expression of our predominant state of being.

When we decide to become positive in the vibrations of joy and compassion, it is because we know that they feel very attractive. We need to realize that this decision changes our lives dramatically in every way. It’s a leap in consciousness. It may seem like a leap of faith in a power beyond the empirical world. It is actually just a personal choice in every moment to feel really good and expect that every situation we encounter will be a wonderful experience.

The intent of Creator Consciousness is to expand into new experiences of all kinds that enhance life everywhere. This is the positive polarity we can align with in every situation, including challenging ones. Our emotions convey the guidance of our intuition as well, when we learn, by our intent, to be aware of it. It is our intent that can transcend and resolve our beliefs, and that enables us to move beyond our limitations.

As we become clear of inner drama, we can begin to realize that our awareness is beyond the body. Our imagination and emotions are not in the body. Our awareness is also beyond space and time. Once we resolve and eliminate our limiting beliefs, we can be emotionally and mentally clear and able to know our intuitive guidance. We are part of universal consciousness, which enlivens and guides all persons and things. We can go deeper into universal consciousness, as our awareness expands greatly into feelings of goodness and prosperity. This is the quality of energy patterns that we attract in alignment with ours.

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