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Awareness beyond Belief

Quantum physics has proved that there is a universal consciousness that is the source of everything. Anyone can conduct these experiments and get the same result. This makes universal consciousness a scientific law. Everything has a consciousness that enables it to exist as its unique expression of being. What is our unique expression of being? How much conscious awareness are we capable of?

Let’s examine our limitations and determine how to expand beyond them. When we incarnated, we lost our sense of Selfhood. We became dependent upon others for our physical nourishment and well-being, as well as learning the ways of human interactions. We developed ego consciousness and adopted an awareness of separation from the source of our Being. We learned to live in fear of termination. We have adopted a long list of beliefs that keep our awareness compartmentalized into a spectrum of vibrations that we all share. We believe in a physical world of reality outside of our own selves.

We know that there are mysteries that don’t fit our version of reality. People have dyed and come back with amazing accounts of greatly expanded awareness. Some people are able to levitate, move objects with thought, know the thoughts and feelings of others and engage in conscious travel beyond the body. Some of us with disciplined minds and emotions can create things and change our circumstances at will.

When we learn to meditate deeply and penetrate our consciousness beyond our beliefs, we are able to engage with the patterns of unseen energetic vibrations that envelop us in the quantum field. We can enter dimensions of frequencies beyond our human experience. The higher we go, the more beautiful and loving we feel. We can feel into an ecstatic realm in the vibrations that come through the heart of our Being. This is where we can know everything without thinking. We become pure personal awareness, unlimited in every way.

With practice we can maintain awareness of conscious unconditional love flowing through us and radiating our inner light of photons into the quantum field that our awareness envelopes, attracting all energies and beings around us into alignment with our energy signature. This is how miracles are created.

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