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Awakening to Infinite Awareness

We can enter the void of pure awareness only without intrusions from the ego. When we move into pure awareness, the ego cannot help us, because it is limited to the consciousness boundaries of the spectrum of humanity’s polarity and vibratory frequencies. It does not know intuitive guidance. Pure awareness it beyond time and space. In our essence we are eternal, unlimited Self-awareness, but the ego cannot fathom this, because it is created to help us navigate within a realm of separation from our eternal Self. In our true Being, we are created to be life-enhancing in our expressions and creations.

We create energetic patterns with the resonance of our thoughts and emotions. We can recognize the quality of all energetic patterns by how we feel about them. Everything that stimulates joy, happiness and fulfillment for all of us, and for every being in our presence, can fill our attention, if we so desire. The ego may be trained to be neutral. Eventually the ego dissolves within our consciousness, because it is no longer needed. We can be in a higher dimension of living by becoming aware of our complete Being, our unlimited, infinitely powerful Creator Self. Each of us can realize this state of Being. It is pure awareness, unlimited in every way and possessing unlimited creative ability. It is also a state of ecstasy and bliss, and it comes to us as much as we are willing to experience. We have control of the focus of our attention and can direct it into the vibratory field of ecstasy and bliss as long as we choose.

Currently we have limiting beliefs that keep us from pure awareness. They’re part of our ego consciousness, which we can awaken to the presence of our greater Self-Awareness. It begins with our desire and intent to expand. We learn where we can find positive, elevating environments to help us raise our own vibrations. We can breathe more deeply and rhythmically. We can direct our focus of attention on expanding into present, unlimited awareness. By inviting this level of energy into our awareness, we draw it to us by compatible polarity and resonance. This has required much practice in meditation to achieve. By understanding the energetics involved, we can practice attaining pure awareness, perhaps with more directed attention and greater understanding of the process.

When we are in a state of pure present awareness, the empirical world of humanity becomes recognizable as a limited compartment of human consciousness, which is interpreted in our consciousness as physical experience. We are its creators by aligning with its energetics in our perceptions and feelings, and we can change our experiences at any time by changing our vibratory status. This depends upon our focus of attention and emotional state, both of which we can choose to experience within ourselves, guided by our intuition.

Along with being open to expanding our awareness, we can work on getting clear in our Being, not needing or desiring anything outside of our own consciousness. As we practice, we can become aware of our limitations and resolve them through the higher guidance of our intuition in every moment that we are present in awareness.

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