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Awakening Our Soul Potential

Cosmic energies are prompting us to realize a higher dimension of living, awakening in us greater compassion and awareness of our divine Being. The energetic spectrum that we have been living in is being transformed from a fear-based realm to a world of love and abundance. Our living planet is transforming into a sphere of beauty, peace and harmony. Being drawn by the consciousness of great Beings of light, the energy field of human consciousness is expanding into greater awareness of our true nature as fractals of the consciousness of the supreme Creator.

This is a time of coming together in unity of spirit and celebration of our eternal Being in great joy and deepest love. Harmonized by our beliefs, we create the qualities of our lives through the vibrations that we resonate at. As our worst fears and anxieties are being drawn into our awareness, we can recognize them in the light of our true Being. We have been deeply scarred and hurt, because we did not know our real nature, but now we can awaken to abilities that have waited in the depths of our being for this time of enlightenment.

Our experiment of living in a compartmentalized consciousness of negative polarity and life-diminishing perspectives is coming to an end. Through our intentional expansion of awareness, we can reach out emotionally and mentally into the energetic level of joy and abundance. These vibrations have already been anchored and established by higher beings. All we have to do is identify with them and allow our inner transformation to develop.

No longer do we need our self-imposed and accepted limiting beliefs about how inadequate we have believed ourselves to be. We are constantly being created as expressions of the entire Being of the Creator of all, and we have all of the creative abilities of our Source, Who experiences everything that we experience.

Regardless of how much pressure may be apparently imposed upon us from outside, our vibratory frequency is always our personal choice. What seems to be outside of us is actually within our own consciousness. We have lived in a kind of hypnotic trance, dreaming our material world experience. As we awaken to our greater reality in unconditional love and universal consciousness, we can assume our position as the Creators that we have always been meant to be.

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