Awakening in the Matrix

How can we expand our consciousness beyond the hypnotic trance of the empirical realm? One way is to have a near-death experience. Deep meditation is another. Still another would be any number of psychedelic plants. The most attractive for most of us is just to feel and align with our heart energy of love, joy, compassion, beauty, peace, and an infinite flow of life force light. We can do this only after we free ourselves of all fear, anxiety, mistrust, hatred, bitterness, blame of others and all of the energy that results from feeling like separate beings who are disconnected from the abundant life-force of infinite creative power. Once we find this in ourselves, we have everything and can live passionately in joy and love, doing what our intuitive guidance provides in each moment.

The recent elections in the U. S. are an example of how we are being prompted to look beyond our normal perceptual limits. In an environment where fraud is rampant and has become obvious to nearly all, we are finding that the actions accompanying lower vibrations are becoming incompatible with the rising frequencies of our entire environment. Only the truth is compatible here. This is a reflection of the consciousness of the collective of Americans, who are awakening to how we have all been tricked and enslaved in the Matrix. As this awakening progresses, all of the lower vibrations appear for what they are, and the collective can go through the necessary catharsis and move on with much greater awareness. The banks will serve the people, the IRS will become a financial distribution service for everything the Federal Reserve Bank has stolen from us. Without debt or any unwelcome financial requirements, without having to work unfulfilling jobs, and without thousands of laws applied with military force, humanity can quickly rise to a genuine heart-felt, unified, creative race. In this spectrum of love-centered vibration, we have arisen beyond the grasp of those of low frequency.

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