Awakening from the Human Virtual-Reality World

Life holds many complexities to keep our conscious attention busy all the time, but what happens when we just stop and be present? We can let our awareness have no preferences or desires. We can accept whatever situation we believe we’re participating in. For all we know, it may be an advanced virtual reality show for our participation in different levels of energy, so that we know the feelings of a wide range of low-vibrating emotions. We participate in its design and energy patterns all the time, and we design it to keep our consciousness focused on fear-based experiences by believing in our mortality and the reality of space and time. Now our challenge is to be able to break out of the hypnotic trance of humanity and restore awareness of our true Being.

Reasoning with ourselves can work up to a point. We’ve conclusively proved that death of the body does not change our personal awareness. Everyone who has been dead and came back, and has reported, stated that their personal conscious awareness did not change, and they had memorable experiences and encounters while out of the body. It was also beyond time and space.

Now the challenge is to align our personal belief with the reality that we now know. Enter our ego, who is an entity created to deal with fear for our mortal survival and entertainment. The ego has no true heart connection and little intuitive guidance. It is empirically oriented and has its own selfish interest foremost in a world of struggle. It does not know that we are eternal personalized Beings of Creator consciousness. How can the ego believe in eternal Being? It is beyond comprehension and certainly beyond the experience of almost everyone we know. Is alignment with the truth possible?

When we begin acting from a perspective of love and compassion, that is at odds with the prevailing belief patterns, we can begin to feel truly free. We are breaking out of the trance. Once we expand our awareness beyond the empirical realm to the world of pure energy, we can be aware of our great conscious potential in all ways. We instinctively know how to direct energy patterns. We do it all the time, because we’re designed to create in every moment with our thoughts and emotions, according to our perspective in life. The vibratory frequency of this energy determines the quality of energy that we attract into our experience. We can create whatever we want, when we have mastered our ego through love and compassion with the reward of relaxation.

By knowing our eternal essence of Being, we awaken fully to Self-Realization as the essence of the Creator. We participate in universal consciousness, knowing that we are all the same Being, playing different personal roles for the enhancement of our experiences.

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