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Awakening as an Intentional Process

In awakening from the human hypnotic trance of living in the Matrix, most of us go through a process that begins with our intention to be fully conscious. We can practice being present in our awareness, not thinking about anything, just being aware and focusing on awareness. We can practice this until it is our usual state of Being. At some point we become aware of subtle promptings in our intuitive knowing. We feel these as heightened vitality and stirrings of love and joy and expressive power. We automatically know what to do in every moment. We are not aware of these promptings, unless we are open to them in a state of serenity and gratitude. The entire process requires our intention to be aware in our presence of Being. This is a high-vibration state of Being. Its frequency is beyond fear and only in the presence of joy and love. Here is truth and innocence of spirit.

Sometimes we can make this transformation instantly, through experiences like being struck by lightning or having a death experience from which we return to our embodiment. In a flash we know who we are beyond the embodied expression of ourselves. Even this kind of experience is only a beginning part of the process, because we are much larger than we can imagine. This again requires our intention to rise into ever higher vibrations. Once we begin this process, we fall in love with it, because it’s so wonderful. Every step brings more freedom and intentional creative expression. Our ability to express the energy that flows through our heart attracts energy patterns that align with these vibrations. Our quality of life arises from these high-frequency energy patterns. Life becomes much more fun and meaningful.

We may be living in situations that don’t change in quality, life continues to present challenging situations to us, and we have a lot of mixed feelings about life. Perhaps we’ve been meditating and have achieved a state of serenity, but this is transitory. Our life in the Matrix keeps demanding our attention, and attempting to keep us in fear and guilt and shame.

If we want to expand our consciousness, we need to withdraw from alignment with the low vibrations around us. We must realize that we have the freedom to be however we want in every moment. We are not required to think or feel within the spectrum of energy that confronts us. We can deal with it from a higher vibratory pattern by intentionally opening our awareness to our presence of Being. Just being aware, until we know intuitively what to say or do. We don’t necessarily gain this ability quickly. It requires intentional practice, as is true for the entire process of enlightenment, but we know when we’re making progress, and every higher vibrational pattern that we experience feels fulfilling.

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