Attracting Our Best Friends and Lovers

We are born with a destiny that we planned prior to incarnation. There are certain experiences that we wanted to have either for our enjoyment or to balance our karma. It all relates to our quality of life, and nothing happens by chance. The only variable is our personal evolution and expansion. This is determined by our free will in how we handle all of life’s situations.

We always have the choice of living by our imagination and emotions in creative ways that feel expansive and loving. We can feel complete in our own Presence. We are attracted to, and we attract beings of similar vibration to our own. Once we can successfully resolve any anomalous energy that arises by aligning the energy with our higher resonance, we are no longer subject to our natal destiny and our inherited karma. We are free to be ourselves in our natural state in alignment with the natural rhythms of the cosmos and the quantum field. These are high-vibration energies of unconditional love and universal consciousness. In this state we are unlimited modulators of all energies that we encounter. We are the creators of our lives and the masters of our experiences.

In our natural desire to live with wonderful people, we naturally attract our soul mates and twin flames who are vibrating in similarly resonant patterns. Because our emotions are magnetic, our attractions are natural, and we can enhance them with our intentions. By creating imaginary scenarios with high-vibration emotions, we raise the vibrations of our energy signatures. By imagining living in the presence of our soul mates, we are creating that kind of experience. We have to do this until we absolutely believe that it’s true. Our belief makes it real, just like Jesus said. Then our soul mates enter our experience.

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