Attaining an Enlightened State of Being

We’re learning to ride the waves of life on this planet with the awareness of playing a game, not having our mortality at risk. We’re gaining the ability to rise into our eternal Self-awareness. We can look at life as a metaphor for our understanding. Everything that happens in our world is significant on a symbolic level. As directed by our One Creator consciousness, our experiences are designed to elicit in us realizations of anomalous and discordant energy patterns that we hold. These manifest in our psyche as limiting beliefs that stream from the belief in our mortality. As we recognize everything tinged with fear, we can resolve these energies by pouring our high-frequency vibrations of love and compassion into every challenging situation. As we are not in alignment with fear-based energy, it disappears from our experience, leaving space for high-frequency energy from our life force, which enables more expansion as we open to it.

We are learning to conduct ourselves in alignment with a frequency spectrum closer to the consciousness of the Creator. The path toward the light in our consciousness is being enhanced as our life force builds along with the expansion of our awareness. We can become aware of the photons being released in our heart and radiating around us, attracting resonant energy patterns for us to experience. We are Beings of light, we emit light. It’s from the life force that flows into us constantly from the universal consciousness of the Creator and modulated in our personal consciousness for our experience. We can recognize ourselves as personal Creator Consciousness. With our continuous thoughts and emotions, we are constantly creating the qualities of our experiences in this world by the frequency of our energy signature. We control our energetic resonance with our attention, our imagination and emotions.

By being aware of the quality of energy in our presence, we can recognize what it is and change it in our imagination and feelings, so that we recognize it as divine energy patterns aligning with our high-frequency resonance. We can feel it as angelic energy. As we learn to intentionally change the vibrations of a situation to align with higher frequencies, we enter the mystery of the quantum field. Here what we recognize, and what we believe to be, manifests as physical experience. It doesn’t matter what it is, or how unlikely it might be. When we become adept at this (usually after a long and intense period of practice), we appear in the empirical world as if we are not subject to its boundaries and apparent substance. We can make our physical body appear and disappear. We are unlimited in universal consciousness.

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