Assimilating Our Conscious Knowing

We may already have awareness of our intuitive knowing, and we’ve learned that we’re living in a conscious simulation that we’re creating constantly by our recognition of it. We’re learning to align our perspective with the high-frequency energy of our heart, which has its own consciousness and lives to give us the life force that flows through us. This force has the feeling of unconditional love and connection with the quantum field and the consciousness of the Creator.

We’ve created many deeply held limitations of belief about our personal being. We’re resolving these by recognizing them as they arise and comparing them to what we imagine our true Self to be. If there is any fear present, we present it with the love and compassion that naturally flows through us, and the confidence of our eternal Being. We may not yet have experienced all of this, but we will, if we intend to, because this is the energy of our true Being. We are not limited.

Our ability to realign the energies that we encounter enables us to transform everything into resonance with joy and love. We can do this only when we absolutely believe and know that this is how we participate in the energy patterns of everything that exists. This is our purpose. We are the creators of worlds, and together we are creating a new one for humanity.

We may not yet be fully consciously participating in the ascending and transforming energies of the Earth, but if we want to, we attract the energy that creates these experiences. We just need to recognize their reality. This takes practice. Once we recognize our inner guidance, we are on our journey to Self-realization. We need to be imaginatively and emotionally present and aware. As we use our intuitive guidance more and more, we gain confidence that we’re getting the guidance we need in every moment. This is how we assimilate what we have learned, but have not yet become thoroughly enveloped in. With the will to process all of this, we are expanding and rising in frequency and raising the energy signature of humanity toward mass awakening to our pretentions and our real Being.

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