Aspects of Consciousness

In quantum physics even the tiniest sup-atomic entity participates in a consciousness that is aware of the entire cosmos. Every atom of our bodies participates in universal consciousness. These tiny entities comprise the entirety of our bodies, which are a complex pattern of energy with an identifiable energy signature. This signature exists in a much greater spectrum of frequencies than the empirical and includes our mental, spiritual and emotional states of being. All of these are part of our sense of self-identity, our presence of being.

Most of us feel confined to our bodies and to the physical world. This limits our awareness and our emotions. Few of us have ever allowed ourselves to feel and know unconditional love, yet this is the energy flowing to us through our heart continuously forever.

Our primary challenge is to recognize this flow of energy always coming to us, enlivening us and giving us our free-will being. It is our life force constantly flowing from our Creator and eternally sustained. It radiates unconditional love for all of creation, including our creations, our choices of life-style, our addictions and all of our personalities. All will eventually choose the most beautiful, loving and wonderful life, or they will disappear. The energy signature of humanity is rising in resonant frequency, producing instability in the lower vibrations and causing insanity and overwhelming fear in those radiating a low-vibe energy signature. The rising frequencies of humanity are challenging the stragglers to awaken to a better life, lest they become self-destructive.

If we take our perspective from the consciousness displayed by the photon, we participate in the one consciousness of the Creator and recognize our expanding awareness as far as we want to go, always guided to know and feel immediately everything we need for mastery of life. with our free will, we are the creators of our life experiences. If we choose to be aware of the greatest love and joy, we project that energy into the quantum field, from which it manifests in our experience.

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