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Overcoming Survival-Consciousness

All of our limiting beliefs were created first in our imagination, until we believed that they are real. This is also how we can resolve them. They are all based in fear of the unknown beyond the physical world. From within the consciousness of the ego, we are not aware of what happens when our connection with the body is terminated; however, intuitively we know the extent of consciousness, because our intuition is multi-dimensional, as are we, once we realize it.

Everything can be real. The unified quantum field of conscious expressions, within which we exist, has every possibility of everything. Whatever vibrations we recognize and pay attention to are our reality. Imaginary or experiential are the same vibratory patterns. What’s important is what is in our attention and how we feel about it. We can create whatever beliefs we want in our imagination, as well as resolve those that we’ve acquired. If we do this powerfully and long enough, we realize their reality in our experience. By clearly examining the limiting beliefs that keep us from realizing our true Self-Awareness, we can find their basis. If we choose to replace fear of the unknown with a change in perspective to awareness of the life-enhancing creative energy that envelopes us throughout infinite consciousness, the unknown becomes known and fills us with gratitude and joy. The limiting beliefs dissolve.

Our awareness is limited only by our own choices, and our experiences come to us as a result of our realization of what is real. What is important is not the subject matter of our thoughts and emotions, but the vibratory quality, the polarity and frequency. We express our state of being by choosing depression, uninspired existence or vitality. If we choose vitality, we feel and radiate gratitude, love and joy in every moment, and we live with abundance and freedom in infinite presence of awareness, realizing support and knowing everything we need.

As we learn to be aware of the vibrations and prompting of the heart of our Being, everything becomes easy, and we can live without stress. We can transform our lives into a higher energetic dimension without going anywhere physically, but the quality of our lives changes dramatically. We can live in life-enhancing vibrations that bring fulfillment, and we can share our vitality in our encounters, even the challenging ones.

We are never required to align with negativity, and once we are living in gratitude, compassion and love in every moment, negativity cannot come into our experience. We are sovereign beings arising from an essence beyond time and space, having unlimited creative power through the consciousness of our heart.

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