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Another Look at Ourselves

We’re being prompted to know what resonance with our true Self feels like. Many of us are beginning to know what resonance is, what it feels like. When we meet someone whom we’re attracted to, it’s because our energy signatures are in alignment in frequency and wave-length. That’s resonance. If we don’t look for it, we probably won’t notice it, but we’ll still feel the attraction. If we look for resonance, we find that it’s obvious, and we realize that we can seek resonance with everyone and everything. This is a state of great compassion and inner joy.

Resonance with the energy of our heart transforms our entire lives. We no longer give our life force through our attention to low-vibe energy. It no longer exists for us in our experience. That is the power of our creative ability. If we can live in a consciousness of high-vibe feelings, like truth and compassion, we also recognize that we are beings of radiant health and are powerfully attractive, because our energy signatures, which reflect our emotional nature and innate being, are freely communicating the life force of the universal Creator. This life force penetrates the quantum plasma field of all potentialities, creating in our experiences the vibrations of whatever we focus on and feel. No one can fake this, because our energy signatures are innate to our natural being within the consciousness blocks of our beliefs and other personal, self-imposed limitations and preferences. Every thought and emotion has a vibration that influences the energy signature of everyone.

Once some of us realize that we actually do have the ability to live in a realm of unconditional love, abundance and joy, and we’re doing it, it occurs to others that there’s more to life than they imagined. Our energy signatures radiate a high-frequency vibration that is very attractive to those who are seeking this level of inspiration. As we recognize rising vibrations, we can align in resonance with them. We can keep expanding our awareness of our true eternal sovereignty of being and are becoming the masters of our lives.

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