Analyzing Our State of Being

In our true Being, we live in our consciousness and have our presence in the universal consciousness of the Creator. Everything that is natural for us arises directly from universal consciousness. When we are positive and coming from our heart energy, we can feel the vibratory level of our life force. We can know the guidance coming through our intuition, and we can follow through in our actions in ways that align with our inner guidance. Aligning with our intuition may require practice in developing sensitivity in a positive, life-enhancing perspective.

Our role in life is to create new energetic patterns in the expression of life. We are expanding consciousness through our experiences. We’ve experienced a vast spectrum of duality, especially the dark, negative energetics, as we participated in a clever compartmentalization of consciousness to experience energetic patterns that would not have been possible within universal consciousness. When we decide to return to full consciousness, the path is guided by our intuition, which works through both our imagination and our emotions.

If we desire to know what is most natural for us, we’ll be aligning with our intuition. To be truly receptive to the energy of the heart of our Being, we must resolve all of our limiting beliefs, so that we can be open mentally and emotionally. Only our self-imposed limitations can separate us from our natural perspective of eternal, infinitely powerful creative presence of awareness in alignment with life-enhancement. We are naturally loving, joyful, compassionate and grateful. These are the feelings that accompany a positive perspective and lead to the vibratory level of Self-Realization.

Our creative abilities know no limits. Once we are in resonance with our eternal Self, we gain our own self-trust and stop interfering with our own creations, allowing them to manifest in our experience. For us to exercise unlimited creativity, we must have clarity and presence of awareness. This establishes a state of being that radiates the quality of vibrations for our creations.

Our presence in universal consciousness can transform our lives among humanity, because we become exempt from all negative energy. We do not align with it through engagement, and it disappears from our experience into another dimension. If we so desire, we can enable ourselves to live in eternal awareness of love and joy in the universal consciousness of the Creator, while living in a beautiful environment on Earth.

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