Analyzing Our Life Path

We are always free to choose our next path in life, and our intuition will always guide us in each moment to make the best moves along that path, until we decide to change it. Our only obstacles are our own attachments and beliefs about ourselves. If we intend to follow our inner guidance most beneficially, it is imperative to become clear within our own being.

Because we are energetic beings with our own personal energy signature, we vibrate at our own frequency. We attract other beings and circumstances that vibrate in resonance with us. We all have free choice always, in every circumstance. When we choose to express ourselves according to our highest passions, we are always guided intuitively toward the energetic manifestations that resonate with our heart-felt intentions.

If we identify with our ego’s desires, preferences and personal beliefs, we cannot be open to our divine guidance. If we identify with our current circumstances, we continue to create more of the same. We have all been stuck in fear of some kind and rejection by others. By choosing intentionally or passively to subject ourselves to persons and circumstances that do not synchronize with us, we keep ourselves from personal fulfillment. As long as we feed our ego feelings of inferiority and need for someone or something outside of ourselves, we cannot recognize our true Being.

The matrix that we have chosen to live within is designed to keep us entranced in Humanity’s low-vibration situations of injustice, poverty and enslavement. If we desire to live in a world of higher vibrations, a world of peace, love and joy, we must align our own being with these vibrations. All of life operates energetically. Our presence in our physical consciousness is only limited by our self-imposed limitations and boundaries. If we choose to move beyond all of this and into unlimited awareness and unconditional love, we must set our intention and heart-felt desire for this experience, and then open ourselves to our intuitive guidance without any distractions or attachments to persona, places and things. Once we begin to follow our inner guidance, our lives can become miraculously fulfilling in every way, regardless of our current circumstances.

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