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Understanding How We Shift Dimensions

We are free to pick a vibratory level that we want to live in and experience in our lives. We do this by the polarity and frequency of our thoughts and emotions and how we feel about ourselves. How we react to encounters that we have believed are outside of ourselves is purely an inner process within ourselves, apart from outer appearances. The outer appearances are only a mirror of our state of being. It is all within our own consciousness. In our presence of awareness, we are beyond spacetime. Only our focus of attention is localized, and we control this.

If we want to, we can use our attention to transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves. By opening our awareness to our intuitive knowing in the heart of our Being, we gain understanding that, in our essence, we are infinite and multidimensional. In every moment, we can align ourselves with unconditional acceptance and gratitude for all of our experiences. They are reflections of our energetic signature, which we create with the vibratory quality of our state of being. We are present within the consciousness that constantly creates everything, and we arise as fractals of infinite consciousness. We can imagine ourselves living in any dimension that we pay attention to. Dimensions are numberless within and beyond the empirical world. Every time we change our perspective, we move into another dimension. Usually this is subtle, but it can be dramatic. Our life experiences change in alignment with our state of being, which is a combination of our subconscious and conscious operations.

The subconscious holds our limiting beliefs about ourselves. To find them, we must delve deeply into the hidden parts of our consciousness, places that have been imprinted with great fear of survival on many levels. By opening our awareness to them in acceptance, and by understanding what they are in their essence, we can neutralize them in our subconscious. We can come to accept everything about ourselves with the acceptance of a loving parent, who wants to enhance and empower the lives of her creations. In our lives, we are playing the roles that we have created. Events in our lives are all creations of the energy of our attention and alignment.

By choosing to live in a single polarity, we can intentionally enter the deepest darkness or the most powerful light. Either choice creates a personal transformation. We can also move incrementally in either direction in our imagination and emotions, changing dimensions as we do so. The good or bad part for us is how we invite experiences into our lives and how we feel about them. All of this is personal choice. We can feel however we want. We are bound to events only by our willingness and vibratory engagement. By changing our attention and feelings, we enter another dimension, in which everything comes into alignment with our new state of being. We can know this by doing it.

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Celia Elliott
Celia Elliott

So many thanks for your writings, I am finding such meaniing and feeling very intune with the energies as I have just completed my evening meditation. Thank you and bless you for sharing with us all.

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