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An Invitation to Awaken

We all know about dreaming. What is the spectrum of frequency of dreaming? How many dimensions are possible in dreaming? How deep can we go?

When we dream our brains emit lower frequencies than when we’re awake and aware. As we go into deeper sleep, our brains transmit lower and lower frequency waves of energy. Our brain, however, is not our mind. We know this, because in near-death experiences, our body ceases to have any perceptible signs of life. We would declare it dead. But our awareness is not affected adversely. Instead, it expands greatly beyond our otherwise physical limitations. We do not need the body to know ourselves.

We are complex energy beings who can express ourselves in many dimensions of consciousness. While we’re identifying ourselves within the empirical spectrum of energy, we’re in a trance of consciousness limited to the vibrations of that spectrum, which is a dimension of energy. This is the realm where our consciousness interprets the energy within this dimension as the stimulation of our senses, creating a material world in our awareness. Everyone in our world interprets everything within the empirical realm in his or her unique version within this shared trance. Is this a dream of some kind? If it is, what happens if you can awaken to an awareness that is much brighter and with greater personal abilities in every way?

It is possible for any of us to live in a dimension where all of our needs and desires are fulfilled. Here we are the same being that we are now, but transforming into a more refined, higher-vibration life. We all intuitively know this deep within. We just need to tune in to the subtle vibrations of our heart energy through our intuition. When we can successfully call forth the higher vibrations of love, joy, gratitude and compassion, we know we’re in the spectrum of our heart energy. This is where we can always be, while facing whatever life presents before our awareness. From this perspective, life keeps getting better, brighter, more beautiful. Here we recognize our shared consciousness beyond our own identity. This step gives us escape velocity into the higher realms, while still playing in the trance of the empirical realm, if we so choose.

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