Aligning with the Infinite One

Most of us here continue to believe that we are finite and mortal. We live as if we are. These beliefs are our subconscious programs. Through intentional training, we can repolarize these programs and resolve them. One way of doing this is to make the conscious leap to positive, loving thoughts and feelings. This perspective can result from our focus upon our present Self-awareness. We are eternally present awareness. We can engage joyfully with others, as we become aware of our infinite, unlimited creative ability and power. This is our natural level of consciousness, and it is available to us. It feels really good.

In every moment we make a conscious or subconscious choice of the level of vibrations that we create. Every thought-feeling creates the quality of our experiences. We can be aware of our choice of the quality of energy that we focus upon in each moment. By constantly choosing to imagine and feel high-frequency vibratory patterns of compassion and understanding, we can resolve our limitations. We needed them for our human experience, but once we really trust ourselves to be true in living for the good of all around us, we no longer need limits. Through the conscious life force that eternally flows into our Being, we can connect with the unlimited consciousness of the Creator.

Because we are fractals of the Creator, we have every possible capability. But we haven’t believed this, and this belief has kept us from destroying the cosmos. We were learning about negative energies and everything that is life-diminishing. We needed a safeguard, in case we went too deep into low-vibrations. When we have learned that we prefer positive energies, we are ready to leave the lower dimension and make a conscious leap into the higher state of Being. Here is where we can regain our powers and align ourselves with the conscious vibrations expressed by the Creator.

Our intuitive knowing is our connection with higher consciousness. It has been guiding us since birth, but its guidance becomes faint, if we fail to give it our attention. The role of our social training has been to distract us from our inner knowing. Being sensitive to our intuition is the most important thing we can do to align ourselves with higher guidance. Our guides and angels can also influence us this way. We can practice and learn to be present in awareness in every moment and open to changes in everything.

We can learn to trust our creative abilities and use them for wonderful energy modulation. Our visionary and loving imaginary scenarios can vibrate at high frequencies, raising our personal energy signature’s vibrations and expanding our awareness. We can do this with every situation we find ourselves in. By being always positive, we open our experiences to the energetic patterns of joy and abundance.

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