Aligning with the Heart of Our Being

We can recognize our heart as the physical source of our life. We can also recognize the heart in its expanded, higher-dimensional, essence, as the receiving and distribution point of our conscious personal life force. Our heart lives only for our well-being and vitality, regardless of what we do to it. The consciousness of our heart is the source of our ability to love and be compassionate. These are the feelings that emanate from the heart of our Being in universal consciousness.

We can search for the most uplifting feelings that we can imagine, and we can keep expanding upwards emotionally, until we allow ourselves to be enveloped by the unconditional love and joy of universal consciousness. This is the natural state of our true Self. We are the Creator, manifesting as our personal Self, whom we have erased from our awareness in order to live in the compartmentalized consciousness of humanity’s resonant frequency.

The empirical world entranced us into not even wanting to expand our awareness, but we are being prompted to do so. As the resonant frequencies of the energy of the Earth rise, things in the lower frequencies become chaotic and threatening. There is another choice for our attention. We can pay attention to the energy of our heart and the emotions that it expresses.

Our heart loves us unconditionally, regardless of anything. We can search for the feelings of being everyone we encounter. Our biophotons interact when we come into each other’s aura. We can feel each other’s presence, and we can know immediately each other’s vibratory level. We can see the light in our eyes. We can choose to feel connected in consciousness through our energetic interaction. Our heart consciousness urges us to live with high-vibration emotions. All resonant vibrations that enhance vitality and stimulate creativity arise from our heart. They are the feelings stimulated by the energy of our true Self flowing through our heart.

Our heart offers us higher guidance beyond our ego consciousness. It constantly prompts us through our feelings and intuition with what we need to know in every moment. If we have disregarded this guidance for most of our life, our inner guidance is still present. We can search ourselves for it. It includes our conscience, and is much more. We can only know it by experiencing it. It is our inner knowing. It’s how we know, apart from empirical proof.

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