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Aligning with the Energy of Our Heart

Sometime we all feel a strong attraction for the deepest love and greatest joy. These are states of being that we can align with energetically and emotionally. Our greatest love is waiting for our resonant alignment, so that we can feel throughout our awareness the vibrations that connect us with universal consciousness. There is only positive energy shared throughout the cosmos by the creative intent of universal consciousness. Our participation is voluntary.

As shown by quantum physics, universal consciousness is real throughout the cosmos. It envelops all conscious beings, enlivening us to the limits of our beliefs about ourselves. As our limitations come into our realization, we can examine them closely and feel their emotional depth. If there is any level of fear, they are creations of our ego-consciousness. If there is only positive energy, there is nothing to be afraid of or threatened by.

This level of consciousness exists in the higher vibrations of human consciousness, and it is available for our resonant alignment. By recognizing the energy of our greater heart, we can be drawn into an awareness of the pure love and joy radiating throughout our being. We have the ability to choose to align with this energy or to disregard it. If we intend to achieve alignment with the high-vibrations of love, we will elevate our perspective about everything and begin to come into realization of our true abilities. We change our entire life, with the radiance of gratitude, love and joy permeating everywhere.

Our lives fill with goodness and compassion, in alignment with our heart-felt intent. In this way we remove ourselves from karma and declining life, because we express the energy of positive creation. We are engaged in the positive enhancement of all conscious beings. We can know that our every encounter is part of the flow of enjoyable experiences. Higher vibratory states of our awareness open up experiences for us that were beyond belief for ego-consciousness.

We can realize that everything is getting brighter. We’re moving through a gigantic conscious photon field that is raising the resonant frequency of the Earth, as well as ours. All of the most deeply-hidden negative energy is being brought into the light for examination and resolution or dissolution. We see this energy manifesting throughout humanity as divisiveness, hatred, chaos, conflict and destruction. It is running its course, until humanity no longer supports negative energy with our belief and engagement.

One-by-one we are moving beyond limitation, as our inner light grows brighter and we become more positive in every way. We can learn to pay attention to the feelings of our heart in every moment. This is life-enhancing energy that feels good. As we intend to come into resonant alignment with our heart-felt energy, we can enhance our awareness in the beauty and vibrancy of nature. We have the ability to achieve this level of living whenever we choose it.

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