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Aligning with Our Intuitive Knowing

We have realized that we have a hidden aspect of our consciousness. We call this our subconscious mind, but it is much more than a mind, and it is vast. It has access to every experience we’ve ever had in every lifetime everywhere in the cosmos. Through our intuition, we have access to all of this and much more. By recognizing the qualities of the energies that we intuitively sense, we can align ourselves with the feelings they stimulate in us. This prompts the subconscious aspect of our consciousness to resonate with us, and give us the bodies that we have and our experiences.

We have been limited by our beliefs about the limits of our conscious mind, but we are more than our conscious mind. We realize that our consciousness includes our subconscious, but it is not accessible for our ego-consciousness. These divisions of our conscious self are held by us as our limiting beliefs. In our true Self, we do not need limitations. Only our beliefs about ourselves keep them in place. We have made them real for ourselves in order to play the human show in all of its convincing scenarios, but we are more than this.

To begin to realize our true Being, we can choose to bring ourselves into the energy spectrum of the heart of our Being, the Source of our conscious life force. It is completely life-enhancing. It is the expression of unconditional love, which the ego-consciousness does not know. It is our intuition, which is also part of our consciousness, and it is our infinite presence of awareness.

Consciousness is universal. It is everywhere and in everything. We are part of it, and in our true Self, we have access to all of it, because we are the creators and modulators of energetic patterns. This is what we do. It is our nature. By our state of being, we are constantly creating in every moment by our alignment with energetic patterns through our attention and perspective. We are constantly contributing to the expansion of universal consciousness. We just haven’t realized that we leave our mark everywhere and always.

We have allowed ourselves to be captured into a trance that encloses our awareness. We’re still the creators, but weakly so, because we have been convinced to believe that the world of our human trance is all there is. Anything beyond is imaginary, and realizing its reality is beyond our belief.

By using our imagination, we can align with our intuition beyond the mental realm. It is the realm of knowing and is unlimited. It can carry our awareness beyond time and space, into the quantum field.

By shedding the beliefs in compartments in our awareness, we gain access to awareness of the expanse of consciousness and everything it contains and creates. We can know the awareness of all aware beings.

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