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Aligning with Our Innate Being

If we desire to make the leap in consciousness from negative to positive energetic polarity, we can gain the confidence needed by deepening our intention and compassionately working and communicating with our innate being, the part of our consciousness that holds our beliefs and our physical presence. Our Innate controls every cell and function in our bodies, and it possesses a deductive awareness. It is subject to the inductive awareness of our ego consciousness, which it tries to make sense of from a deductive perspective. The functions of our bodies are a result of the vibratory level of our Innate or subconscious self. It sees us as itself, but it doesn’t completely understand us. We can help the process of alignment with our Innate by intentionally being compassionate, direct and consistent in the level of our vibrations. Our Innate is designed to internalize the energy of our state of being, resulting in the condition of our bodies.

When we are in alignment with our Innate, regeneration of our conscious selves results in regeneration of our bodies. Everything begins in consciousness and is held in a stable vibratory spectrum by our attention and energetic alignment. By changing the alignment of our focus, either physically or in our imagination, we change our experience. Our attention is the source of our creativity. Within our attention, we can calculate, visualize and have feelings. These all have levels of vibration that we are aware of. We can control our level of vibration with our intentionally positive perspective of joy and compassion in alignment with our Innate being.

By being loving within ourselves, we can resolve our internal differences and life-diminishing energies. Nothing, outside of ourselves, can enclose us in negative energy. Unless we want this, we can change our state of being by intending to open ourselves to higher inner guidance, and then paying attention and always expecting high-vibratory people and situations. As we continue to be in a positive state of being, we can learn to be comfortable and confident in being positive. We can be more compassionate and loving, because we can know that we can create whatever we need and can train our Innate to do this without our attention, except for our gratitude.

Gratitude is the one feeling that is necessary in a loving relationship with our own inner being. Once this relationship is in alignment, it’s much easier to be mentally and emotionally open and clear. It becomes easier to stay positive and confident. Our awareness continuously expands as our vibrations rise, and we gain compassion and wisdom.

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