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Aligning with Our Infinite Self

When we are attached to persons or moments of negative or positive experiences, in either case, we dwell on them with our attention, and we align with their vibratory levels. This keeps us from paying attention to greater ways of being. Until we free our attention, we’re stuck in a limited experience within duality, with which we’ve become accustomed and comfortable. If we’re stuck in a negative scenario, it may seem as if there’s no escape. But there always is. It is our power of imagination and focus of attention.

Through deep understanding, we can create the resolution of our limitations. If we can recognize that we create and maintain them, we can accept our situation with compassion for our ego-consciousness, who has directed our energetic expressions without higher guidance. We can then change our focus and put our attention and energetic alignment on more elevating visions and feelings, and we can continue going higher for as long as we desire. In our natural, limitless state of being, our awareness is unlimited. This is where we’re going in our Self-Realization as beings of light and eternal love with infinite creative ability.

We always have the choice of being at our chosen level of vibrations, regardless of what kind of energy we may be interacting with. Once we can release our attachment to limiting beliefs, we gain the freedom to expand our vibratory alignment into more positive and elevating vibrations in our imagination and feelings. By having no mental or emotional attachments, we open ourselves to realization of our expanding awareness.

In our unattached state, we’re not creating the energetic patterns that we’ve already experienced. This enables us to choose a higher focus in each moment, because our energetic level creates the quality of our experiences. By being only positive at the level of compassion and gratitude, we can move closer into alignment with the energy that enlivens us.

In the state of just Being our present awareness, we have limitless potential in creating the qualities of our experiences through the use of our attention and alignment. Our current situation in the world of humanity is immaterial to our creative ability and realization. Once we decide to take conscious control of our creative abilities, we become the directors of our attention and of our thoughts and emotions, and we can also be the directors of our subconscious. In this position, we can be aligned with our intuitive guidance and can live in the awareness of miracles and love all around us.

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