Aligning with Our Eternal Self

The better we feel, the more loving, the higher we go in our personal vibrations, and the better our lives become. Our state of being depends upon our love/fear ratio. As long as we believe in our mortality, we are always in fear of termination of our ego consciousness. The cure for this is an out-of-body experience. The next best thing is listening to those who’ve done it. That might be enough to allay our fear and instead, allow us to believe that we exist beyond time and space. Our beliefs are our free-will choice. They can be whatever we want them to be, but they are held deeply and need deeply significant encounters to hold them subconsciously.

It is our life force that enables us to create everything that we experience. We are absolutely sovereign in our personhood. Our personal energy signatures attract and interact with energy patterns that become our experiences. These are the energetics that can lift us out of fear completely.

Praying for something most of the time does set a strong intent and attracts experiences that align with our vibrations. When we’re attracted to someone or something, we feel the energetic presence aligning with us. By feeling this presence, we can align with its vibrations emotionally. This frequency alignment provides strong life force to radiate our feelings into the quantum field, out of which the energy patterns emerge for our recognition.

It is our emotions that magnetically empower all of this and carry us into scenarios that are in the spectrum of vibrations of all of our thoughts and feelings. This is our energy signature, and it radiates its frequencies all around us. We can imagine situations in which we feel deep love and compassion. If we really go into this emotionally, our awareness begins to expand into higher vibrations and an understanding of unconditional, unlimited love. This is the quality of the conscious life force that enlivens us and connects us to universal consciousness as personal Beings.

It is from our eternal presence, beyond time and space, that we can be masters of our current situation. We have compartmentalized our consciousness in order to have this human experience, and now we have the opportunity to expand our consciousness as much as we want. We can begin to follow our intuitive knowing, which flows to us through the energy of the heart of our Being, our expanded Self. As we practice this awareness, we increase our sensitivity. Developing this sensitivity and alignment with our inner knowing allows us to live in the high vibrations of joy and abundance.

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