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Aligning with Life-Enhancing Energies

Quantum physicists have shown that there is universal consciousness, and that consciousness is the source of everything that we experience. The empirical world is an expression of the consciousness of humanity. Through the focus of our attention and alignment with the empirical spectrum of energy, we recognize it as real for us. It is the recognition and alignment of all of us that creates its manifestation in our collective experience. Our collective conscious life force creates and maintains our reality according to our predominant state of being, our vibratory level of awareness and polarity.

We have been trained to live with a certain level of stress and fear, and to believe that we are mortal. Outside of our own consciousness, nothing compels us to believe that we are mortal and subject to any negative energies. We have had false beliefs that have kept us enslaved in a perspective of negative polarity. Our vibratory polarity and frequency patterns attract compatible energetics to come into our experience. How we react to them on an energetic level determines the quality of our experience.

If we can react to ego-threatening situations, while being in a state of compassion, gratitude and love consistently, the circumstances of our lives become situations that stimulate those vibrations in us. Every moment can bring change of any magnitude, depending upon our state of being. From living in duality, we have created a knowing of life-diminishing and destructive energy patterns within universal consciousness, and we may have been locked into reincarnations here for eons; however, we can open ourselves to our true Being, whenever we desire to realize our eternal presence of awareness.

When we are in secluded, beautiful and majestic places in nature, and we can just be present in awareness, we naturally drift into positive polarity and high vibrations in alignment with the resonant energy of Gaia, Spirit of the Earth. The more we can be in this state of being, the more our lives are transformed into life-enhancing experiences of freedom, abundance and sovereignty. As our awareness opens to higher vibrations, we begin to transcend the compartment of consciousness that is the world of separate human experience.

There is nothing outside of our own consciousness. Our true awareness is unlimited, as are our creative abilities. Once we realize our eternal Self, and we have become mentally and emotionally clear, we become masters of the empirical world. We know how energetics work, and we can transform any energy patterns into positive, high-frequencies in alignment with us. These are the energetics of the universal consciousness of the Creator, and we can align ourselves with them through our intention and desire, and our eagerness to practice.

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