Aligning with Higher Consciousness

In our true Being we do not need to do anything. We have the freedom to be anyone we want to be, including who we are as pure present personal awareness. We control the expressions of our consciousness through our imagination and emotions, just as we do now, but instantaneously, because in our true natural Being we are beyond the realm of time and space.

We live in, and we express ourselves, as a quantum field of plasma energy waves and patterns in all dimensions. We consciously inhabit one of these dimensions as our experience that we call reality. We’ve become enraptured within this dimension of every level and kind of fear, not knowing our true eternal Being.

In the empirical world we feel and imagine frequencies of waves and patterns of waves through the stimulation of our senses, which we project outward. We can use this ability in other dimensions as well, to modulate the wave patterns that we encounter into alignment with higher-frequency vibrations. We do this by how we feel and imagine ourselves to be in every moment. These are our limitations, until we disregard them by having a high-vibration perspective within universal consciousness. In this perspective we know intuitively everything that we need to know and act upon.

It is possible for us to have this perspective. It enhances our realization of Being unlimited in conscious awareness. In understanding the Matrix of human experience from a perspective of higher consciousness, we can be truly compassionate and kind to everyone we encounter who is unaware of expanding consciousness. All who are aware of our essence of Being can recognize each other upon meeting and know our gratitude and joy in our presence.

Realizing our unlimited nature happens to us when we align ourselves with the vibrations of the heart of our Being. This is who and what we are in the flow of conscious life force enlivening and vitalizing us in each moment. If we sensitize ourselves, we can feel and know this source of life within us. We can feel its vibrations stimulating love, joy and harmony in us. In every moment we intuitively know which vibrations we want to focus on, and we have the constant choice of doing so. Choosing to feel, imagine and act in alignment with high frequencies all the time is possible for all of us.

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