Aligning with Expanding Consciousness

In order to be able to live more beautiful and abundant lives, we must search within our own consciousness for the source of our life force and intuitive knowing. Our feelings can guide us there. We feel the vibrations of everything we encounter. We know when we’re in the presence of love or fear. These are the polarities that we move between in our psyche. Each of them has a spectrum of frequencies that feel like the vibrations that we recognize them to be. We make decisions all the time to vibrate at our chosen frequency of love or fear. This level of our conscious vibratory expression determines the quality of our experiences.

By choosing to focus within the spectrum of love, compassion, freedom, gratitude, joy and abundance, we flow toward greater realization of our unlimited, fully-conscious Self. In this spectrum of vibrations, we can realize our eternal presence of Being in the universal consciousness of the Creator of all. In this realization, we know the truth of who we are. Once we experience this state of Being, it remains with us, because it is indelible. It is our natural state of Being, with all of our natural abilities of creation.

In our expanded Self of present awareness, we cannot be threatened successfully, because we have learned how to transform any energy patterns we encounter. We can embody the energy of our eternal Selves and manifest our physical presence in mastery of all encounters and situations.

We cannot be in our higher Selves while we are focused and aligned with the dramas and threats of human experience. We can observe them and interact with them, while holding and expressing compassionate wisdom. In this perspective, we can radiate our alignment in higher-vibratory energy patterns. The low vibrations of all of the destructive energy patterns in our awareness will experience interference in their frequencies, become unstable and disappear into the vacuum fluctuation of the quantum field.

Our interaction with energy patterns within our consciousness becomes easier and more proficient as the resonant frequency of the Spirit of the Earth rises, along with all the Beings in our galaxy and beyond. As we vibrate higher, this process can be immediate, but now it may still need some time.

Low-vibration, negative polarity energy has been predominant here, but the electromagnetic polarity has shifted, and now we are flowing in a positive polarity with rising vibratory frequency. We can realize a higher dimension of living in greater love and fulfillment, while attracting all who are intentionally searching for inner truth to come into alignment with higher vibrations.

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