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Aligning with Compassion and Love

As the resonant frequencies of the Earth continue to rise, it is important that we begin to realize that we all arise from and continue to be connected to the same universally conscious Being. In our current dimension of energy, we are embodied as individuals, and we cannot recognize our true Being, unless we are determined to do so. This experience of separation is intentional on our part, so that we can recognize and feel the energy patterns of separation from our Source. We have disabled our ability to know unconditional love and oneness of Being, yet we crave it in our deepest consciousness, because it’s our natural state of Being.

Unity consciousness is the basis of compassion and true love. It is even beyond the feeling of closeness of spirit that we share with our dearest loved ones. We are all connected through the energy that flows through the heart of our Being. We are all the same One Being, expressing itself as all of our persons and every conscious being, every sub-atomic particle/wave, molecule, plant, animal, human, planet and galaxy. Even without personal awareness of this situation, we can know that we are all part of universal consciousness from the experiments of quantum physicists, who have identified universal consciousness as the source of everything.

Universal consciousness seems to come into expression and recede into unrecognized energy patterns many times each second. The entire cosmos is created and dissolved in infinity beyond time and space and comes into our awareness in time and space as we are able to recognize it. Each of us has recognition only within the boundaries of our beliefs about ourselves. These are the limits we have accepted for ourselves in our consciousness, in order to have a true human experience in the spectrum of fear. In our true nature, we could not know this experience, because we’re in a dimension of unlimited energetic patterns arising in alignment with the love frequency from our own Being.

Limiting beliefs can be modulated into higher-frequency energy patterns that allow us to realize that in our essential Self, we are unlimited. We do this by confronting all qualities of energy patterns that we face in a perspective of gratitude, compassion and love. Even if we don’t know what these emotions feel like, we can open ourselves to them, and they will come within us. Once we begin this process, we can just keep intending to be our higher Selves in every experience. This presence of Being expresses itself energetically in the flow of wave patterns at the zero point of the intersection of the planes of emotion and mind. This is our energy signature resonant pattern, by which we can modulate the energy patterns that we encounter into high-frequency vibrations in alignment with the vibrations of joy. We can always choose high-frequency energy patterns to recognize and experience.

When we can recognize that our conscious awareness is infinite beyond time and space, we can know that we exist eternally. We are the same consciousness as the Creator, with the same abilities of unlimited creation through our mental and emotional patterns and frequencies. Using our life force, we can love lower-vibratory energies into alignment with us, or dissolve their vibratory pattern. We can be open to even higher-vibratory energetic scenarios in alignment with our intuitive knowing.

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