Aligning Our Resonant Vibrations

We are designed to be absolute masters of our experiences. If we can know what it feels like to align consciously with our energy signature, we can recognize the quality of our vibrations immediately. In every case, where there is fear, we can face this with compassion and love. By changing our perspective from fear to love, we can enter a higher dimension of resonant frequencies. By expecting and knowing a range of emotions, we attract experiences, energy patterns, that are compatible. We create what we expect to recognize.

We can choose the vibratory patterns and frequencies that we focus on in every moment. By staying in the love spectrum, we can resolve everything into universal consciousness. We can become our present awareness without limitations modulating everything with our imagination and feelings into alignment with the natural vibrations of our heart energy. In this alignment we feel fulfilled, knowing that we are creating whatever quality of experience we focus on.

Our experiences all result from the vibratory frequency of our energy signature, which is controlled by our emotions. As we go through life, we are presented with many situations. Our reactions in any situation contribute to the vibratory frequency of our energy signature. If we can stay in the realm of love and compassion, we can maintain a high-frequency energy signature, attracting high-frequency experiences and participating in every encounter as guided by our intuition.

In this spectrum of frequencies things happen that seem extraordinary, because we’re working with energetic frequencies that can change moment to moment. By changing our perspective from fear to love, our entire spectrum of energy changes, creating a new life in a higher dimension of vibrations.

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