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Aligning Our Entire Lives with Love

We experience the manifestation of energies that we have been in energetic alignment with. If we predominantly focus on being poor, we create the experience of poverty. The same with abundance. The only difference between the two is the vibratory focus of our attention. When we predominantly live in the vibrations of love, we enjoy mostly life-enhancing experiences. When we predominantly think and feel the vibrations of fear, we close ourselves off to some of our vitality.

We must raise our predominant vibratory frequency in order to experience more fulfilling interactions in all of our encounters. This means moving out of fear and into love. It’s a leap in conscious perspective and may require a preview of our eternal essence of Being. We can ask for this awareness from our guides, angels and ancestors, and then begin to penetrate our deepest awareness.

When we open ourselves to the frequency of love, and we focus on going deeper into our awareness, we begin to feel and understand unconditional love. It is the energy that enlivens us and gives us our consciousness. This is our eternal life stream and our connection with the Source of our life in universal consciousness. It is high-vibration anergy that our feelings can convey in deepest love and joy, when we are completely open to its level of vibration and come into alignment with it. Our energy signatures rise in frequency and radiate their energetic patterns into our enveloping, conscious quantum field for manifestation into our high-vibration experiences. Our lives become fulfilling in every way that we enjoy, and our interactions are compassionate, loving and supportive.

As we begin to feel the vibrations and to recognize our multi-dimensional greater Self, we can recognize the compartmentalized level of consciousness that humanity lives in. We are not required to align ourselves with this level of consciousness. It is a free-will choice that we made prior to incarnation, which required becoming unaware of our full consciousness. We have the ability to regain our full consciousness from within our limitations. It requires intentional, deep penetration into our conscious awareness, and learning to recognize, feel and align with higher frequency patterns of energy. If we desire to live in the energetic spectrum of love, joy and abundance, we can imagine ourselves experiencing these vibrations in any scenarios. In the course of our lives, if we can stay predominantly in the vibratory level of love and compassion, our experiences come into alignment with our thoughts and feelings.

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