Aligning Our Beliefs about Ourselves with Our Reality

Knowing comes from our intuition. Believing is a construct of our conscious mind. The two do not necessarily agree. If our beliefs are strong, and they do not resonate with what we know innately, they may block our awareness of our intuitive knowing. If our beliefs do not emotionally feel the same as our deep knowing, we are living in illusion. It is not the truth about our being.

We cannot know the truth of who we really are, unless we can align all of our beliefs with the feelings of joy and freedom. When we know that we want to live in a world of unconditional love and joy, where we cannot be threatened in any way, we can take the steps needed to make this a reality in our experiences. We can begin by thoughtfully and compassionately examining each of our beliefs. If there is any hint of fear, there is an energy knot that needs to be resolved. Once recognized for what this energy is, its vibration, its range of feelings, we can forgive ourselves for giving it our life force without our higher guidance. We can love ourselves and all of the energy involved, because it all arises from the Source of our Being, and we can modulate its vibrations to bring it into resonance with what is natural and divine. If there is another conscious being involved with the fear, we can withdraw our attention and redirect our emotions to higher frequencies. We can intentionally transform our attachment to this belief, knowing that we formed it under illusory conditions. We had tricked ourselves, so that we could experience the lower dimensions.

We don’t really need any beliefs in the higher vibratory dimension. The beliefs we formed to limit our consciousness were a result of wanting to satisfy our curiosity about the lower dimensions and find out what they feel like. The only way to do this is to convincingly pretend that we’re limited in every way, including mortality. The pretense had to be powerful enough to make us believe that the limited spectrum of frequencies is all that is real. We interpret this spectrum as the empirical world, in which we can convincingly pretend to be conquerors and slaves and everything in between. All these experiences are anomalies that we, with our free will, have created apart from our true Being. Once our curiosity about these experiences is satisfied, we can dissolve all of our self-imposed limitations and beliefs. We can open our conscious awareness to our own infinite Being, who is who we really are.

Once we can actually recognize and feel our true Being, we don’t need any lower guidance from our ego consciousness or any concepts that we have acquired about what is real. We receive constant guidance through our intuitive impressions and always know the entire scenario in our experience. We are aware of the expanse of universal consciousness, which we encompass. We are making a quantum jump in consciousness.

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