Adjusting Our Perspective

Once we are in alignment with the life-enhancing energy patterns of the heart of our Being, we can be aware of our life experiences from the perspective of greater awareness of our creative ability. We have had no idea of our abilities beyond the energy spectrum of humanity; however, we can play with our awareness in conjunction with our imagination and emotions. We can pretend to be our higher Selves, unlimited in power and creative ability. This is one way of moving beyond our personal limitations.

Our innate awareness is unlimited in all dimensions in which we choose to participate. We always have choices for the focus of our attention. We can choose our mental and emotional polarity and our vibratory level. Eventually we can open our realization to universal consciousness. Our process depends entirely upon our polarity and vibratory resonance. These are the qualities of all energy patterns, and they stimulate our thoughts and emotions.

From a perspective of heart-consciousness, infinite love and compassion, we can recognize the qualities of energy around us and throughout humanity. We can understand the drama that moves between positive and negative, but mostly negative. We’ve played all the parts in this drama, and our planet is moving us on to a better octave of life. We know what negative experiences feel like. This is our contribution to universal consciousness. Negative polarity is life-diminishing and ultimately destructive.

Humanity is now at the destructive point for all negative polarity. At the same time, the Earth is moving beyond the negative, into positive polarity with rising vibratory resonance. This is making all negatively-oriented persons very uncomfortable for no apparent reason. Their consciousness will be guided to a world that has the same energy spectrum as that of most of current humanity.

As we intentionally live in positive vibrations as high as we can imagine and embody, we move into a higher dimension that is unavailable for any negative energetic encounters. Our lives change dramatically. It’s as if we just joined a new private club that is amazing in every way, and it’s available to everyone whose vibratory level is in alignment. There are already millions of members, and it’s easy for us to love one another and be joyful together. These energies become our experiences as we align our thoughts and feelings with them. They’re very contagious.

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