Adjusting Our Perspective

How do we gain the most beneficial perspective for ourselves? Let’s look at the nature of a perspective. It arises from our understanding of ourselves, of who we believe we are and what we believe are our capabilities.

In our current matrix-dreamed reality we believe we are completely limited in our consciousness to awareness of a limited spectrum of energies that our consciousness interprets as empirical. These are the vibrations that stimulate all of our senses, which are intimately connected to our emotional nature. Our ego-mind consciousness cannot easily allow our awareness to penetrate beyond our beliefs about ourselves; however, our emotional nature is not so tightly bound to the ego, and through our feelings, we can transcend our current experience. We do have emotional boundaries that were formed by inherited and experiential serious difficulties. We need to resolve these by transforming their energies into feelings of goodness and joy. These high-vibration feelings will carry our imaginations into visions of magic and wonder.

The transformation process begins by recognizing our boundaries, both emotional and our beliefs about ourselves. We need to question seriously all of them. If possible, realize their origins and purpose, and ask if we want to continue to feel anything that came from fear. In order to transform the fear of pain and mortality, we need to know that we are eternal beings. This is a leap in consciousness. In our emotional being, we can just keep getting higher by intentional seeking of the fullness of knowing unconditional love. In this state we can recognize that our conscious awareness is unlimited. We can experience anything in the quantum field that we can feel and imagine. We can continue to move toward higher-frequency feelings and experience wonderful lives.

Who do we find that we are? We are pure awareness. We express ourselves as patterns of electromagnetic waves in the quantum field. Each of us has an energy signature that vibrates within a spectrum of frequency. Out of this energy we express our physical presence, which we recognize as material. The empirical world can stimulate our emotions, and our emotions also create empirical experiences. By using our imagination together with our emotions, we become modulators of any energies we choose to be aware of. We can enhance their intensity by aligning with the energy patterns, or we can change the vibratory patterns of any energy that we choose to come into alignment with. We can intentionally choose high-vibrational emotions. From this perspective, we may choose to feel being in our current situations, while also being aware of knowing universal consciousness in the quantum field. We can know that everything has consciousness. Everything arises continuously from the One Being, whose consciousness expresses itself as all the energy patterns in existence and who is present with life-giving intent in awareness of the experiences of every conscious entity, including us. We are the personalized presence of our Creator.

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