Adjusting Our Energy Signature

We have all attuned to the resonant frequency of humanity as young children. Once we habituated our consciousness to the frequency range of our empirical realm, few humans venture outside of that frequency band, but some do. They are the seers and mystics. What they see in the next higher octave of energy is a realm of shared love, compassion, joy, peacefulness, kindness and thoughtfulness. This is a realm where there is no dark force.

We are all energy beings with a defined frequency range. We’ll call it an octave of energy that we all perceive ourselves within. In terms of quantum physics, the empirical realm is interpreted by each of us as having density—properties that we can be aware of through our senses. Energy has a much larger frequency range than only the empirical. Our imaginations enter those realms. The seers and mystics go even higher in frequency. This is where the Earth is going. The Schumann resonance is jumping an octave into the higher range (see, and humanity must make the same jump in order to remain in consciousness on this planet. Earth is moving through a highly-charged photon cloud that is raising her frequency and the frequency of every conscious being on the planet.

We can be aware of the good things that are happening, even though many of these are still being withheld from public awareness. The dark, low-frequency beings will have to open their hearts or face termination, preceded by public disgrace. The moves toward peace are planet-wide. The new realm exists now right here, where we are. Most of us are still unaware of it. It’s just a frequency jump away. It’s the frequency of unconditional love and joy, which we feel in our heart. We intuitively know that feeling, and we can attune to it. Once we know that deepest love and joy, it’s what we want to realize always. For most of us, however, the empirical program demands our attention, and we need to train our ego to honor our heart energy. With determination we can continue to return to the higher realm until we reside in this energy spectrum predominately. The empirical realm that we’ve known is dissolving as we withdraw our energy from it. A new joyous world already exists. In order to experience it we only need to recognize it.

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