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Actualizing Our Creative Impulse

Mystics and shamans have always known our creative genius, but Western scientists did not discover this ability until the rise of quantum physics, when it became clear that what we recognize appears out of the quantum field of infinite energy and potentiality. The actual creative mechanism appears to be inherent in our essential being and is a result of our nature as fractals, or exact replicas, of the universal Creator. We are everything that the Creator is, but not in our present form. As humans we exist in a very limited expression of our true Being, which we have access to in a deep meditative state of pure awareness.

Although many of us may not be aware of our larger Being, nevertheless we still exist as the creative essence of our essential Self. Every situation that we experience is a result of the quality of our thoughts and emotions, our hopes and fears, our visions and beliefs about ourselves and our destiny. By believing in fear of suffering and physical death, with the help of the media, we have created a pandemic. By believing in the primacy of love and eternal well-being, we can create the end of the pandemic. We do this not be resisting fear and repressive mandates, but by envisioning the lives we truly want and feeling ourselves living in loving and joyous situations and acting as if we are in the situations we envision.

Whenever we are in situations that are based in fear, we can realize that we have created these experiences for ourselves in order to learn how to use our creative abilities properly. Once we learn to use our thoughts and feelings with purpose and loving intent, we change our situations to manifestations of beauty, joy and abundance.

We are so close to being able to do this as a race, that we are on the verge of the awakening of all of humanity into a new world of our deepest desires and greatest love. We do not need to depend upon anyone or any circumstances outside of ourselves to do this. Our personal creative ability is a result of the inner light of the Creator flowing through our heart and enlivening our Being. Each of us is the Creator of the quality of our experiences, and we have the role of expressing this energy in every aspect of our lives.

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