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Achieving Transcendence

Especially in the cities, much of life has become life-diminishing and depressing. Anyone who continues to be entranced in 3D life faces a great challenge to break out of it into a higher energetic dimension that is life-enhancing in every way. It is becoming more difficult to make the leap in consciousness from the world of duality to life filled with love and joy. The world of duality has been taken over by the dark force and is becoming increasingly intolerable, but there is another choice that we have for our experience.

Because everything in our experience is an expression of consciousness, we can use our consciousness to create what we want. For this we need the cooperation of our subconscious, as well as the consciousness of our heart. We can control the quality of our awareness with our thoughts and emotions. What we want to pay attention to and how we feel about it is a matter of personal choice. These are the vibrations that we are emitting into the quantum field, and they will be brought into our experience.

We live in a field of energy filled with potentialities that are subject to our energetic radiance. None of this is obvious to ego-consciousness. which means we are unaware of these energetic mechanics. As a result, most of us live as if life is haphazard, and we get what we want by physically doing things. We have not realized that 3D life is a game of consciousness that we are all playing together with rules of limitation that we have imposed on ourselves, and that we can become aware of and release for our personal transcendence.

As we realize that we are in a play of consciousness, we can learn to change our circumstances and quality of experience. Because every potential experience is available to us, we attract into our lives the qualities that we pay attention to and feel. If we do not realize that we are creating our experiences in every moment by the way we are, and by our perspective and reactions to what we’re aware of, we give up our intentional creative direction. We create our experiences subconsciously, according to our limiting beliefs about ourselves, locking us into the 3D trance.

The path to awareness of our true identity and abilities is to change our vibratory presence to align with the life-enhancing energy of our heart-consciousness. It is our connection to the unconditional creative love of our greater Self. This opening to expanded consciousness provides a deep knowing and feeling of life-enhancement in every way. It enables us to live in a dimension of gratitude, love, compassion and joy apart from a world of negativity. It happens without any outward action on our part, and it fills us with everything our heart desires.

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Aug 09, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful! Brilliant! As always, illuminating! Thank you for your daily reminders to us all! We are very appreciative, it’s a journey we take together, holding hands, in love and light. 🦋

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