Accelerating the Inner Journey

As the Shumann Resonance graph illustrates, the Earth is being engulfed in massive waves of gamma ray photons from our Sun and from our surrounding cosmos. These waves are raising the frequency of our planet and all conscious beings living here. As free-will Beings, we have the option of choosing what frequency we want to focus on. From our experience we know all about focusing on fear-based feelings. It’s time to change focus. Gaia, the Being manifesting itself as our planet, is raising her frequency into a world without fear. We are all flowing into love.

By understanding the significance of the Earth’s resonance, we can know that the energy patterns of feeling grateful and joyous is growing stronger. Everything is getting brighter, to the point that there is an increasing trend for unveiling the dark ones. Once they are widely recognized, they will depart, because their energetic bodies cannot viably be subjected to powerful high-vibration resonance. Vibrationally they must come into alignment with the higher vibrations or become unstable and dissolve. It is not our destiny to continue in a low-vibration environment. Everything must rise in vibrations into the world of only love.

Analyzing the trends of conscious changes, we may conclude that the low-vibration world of human experience with fear is disappearing, due to our loss of fascination with it. We can change the focus of our attention to forgiveness, gratitude and compassion in every moment and in every encounter. This is the way of love and fulfillment.

Every energetic resonance pattern in our experience has our life force keeping it in its pattern of vibration as a result of our focus of attention to it. We can dissolve or transform every low-frequency situation that confronts us by changing our energetic focus, which withdraws our life force from maintaining any life-taking energy patterns. By refocusing on high-frequency situations, we can raise our own energy signatures and attract high-vibration experiences. The vibration of our focus of attention determines the quality of experience we are creating in each moment of our awareness.

We can clear the quality of our vibrational focus of attention by entertaining in our constant present awareness only life-enhancing thoughts, imaginings and feelings. This creates a leap in consciousness into a higher dimension of life.

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