About Our Consciousness

Humanity generally identifies its consciousness as the mind. The mind as we know it is also our ego. This is partially true. Consciousness begins in the Prime Creator. It is the origin of Being in everything and everyone. It contains the life force of every conscious being. This constantly streams out of the Creator and provides the electro-magnetic waves that express the inherent energy patterns of everything in perfect resonance, when unaltered. Everything that exists has an expression as an energy pattern, which we are aware of in our inner-most being. Consciousness permeates everything. In our essential being, we are consciousness knowing itself.

The dominant conveyance of consciousness for humans is the heart, literally and figuratively. In its free and empowered state, our heart inhabits a realm of vitality and unconditional love. It lives to love us beyond measure. Its radiance is brilliant, much more powerful than the mind. In its essence this realm is pure joy in the highest sense.

In our culture we value the mind. Some of us have shut out the light and vitality of the heart. We have called them the dark ones. They were our teachers, ultimately urging us to awaken to who we are in our essence, where we can transform all of the lower vibrations into resonance with our heart energy. We have the power to do this. We were created to do this. We have been an anomalous influence in the cosmos, so that we could become the transformers of every anomalous energy pattern. We understand how to do this with our intentional imagination and powerful emotions, operating beyond any limitations.

The nature of our heart is joy and love, and that is our natural state of being. It is a state coming from unconditional love, perfect health and well-being, perpetual youthfulness and abundance that is constantly being enlivened with the life force streaming into our heart.

We are expanding the limits of human consciousness on behalf of humanity and directing it to peace, love and joy in a greater dimension of consciousness. This is how we help guide humanity into and through the ascension into the next octave of consciousness.

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