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A Wonderful Way to Use Emotions

Emotional qualities cannot be expressed in words. Emotions exist in their own spectrum of energy. They are part of our conscious awareness, and we know them through our feelings. We keep trying to describe them, but we can do this only by eliciting emotion. It is its own realm, and it has a strong influence upon our state of being, which is expressed as our energy signature.

Instead of paying attention to thinking, we have the option to give our attention primarily to our emotions. We can play with our emotions, just as we can play with thoughts in our imagination. They can take us into their entire spectrum, and we can focus on any of them that we choose, because we are the creator. As is true for our entire consciousness, our emotions are creative. We are creating experiences that feel like what we currently feel. We can feel reactively and intentionally. When we focus on high-vibration feelings, we’re creating experiences for ourselves that are in resonance with the same feelings.

If we let our imagination follow our attention on high-vibration feelings in the spectrum of deepest love, joy and compassion, we can direct the quality of our experiences. By our focus of attention on high-vibration emotions, we are actualizing them in our presence. Through these wonderful feelings, we naturally imagine being loving and joyful in an environment that supports these feelings. This is the creation that we express into the quantum field of all potentialities for manifestation in our experience.

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