A Strategy for Awakening

As we progress on our path to expanded awareness, and after we have allowed ourselves to go beyond the empirical world, we find that we can live as the same characters that we have believed we are, and that we can change our character at will. If we can resolve our beliefs about ourselves and just be aware of our inner state of being, our level of vibration, we can penetrate into our inner knowing.

Everything that happens is designed to challenge us in ways that can help us to open more to awareness of our true Being. Often we need a shock to stir us out of the human hypnotic trance. Once we are free of our self-imposed limitations, we can be unlimited in awareness. Until we experience universal consciousness, we can practice accepting every encounter in joy and gratitude, seeing everything while in a state of infinite love as great as we can imagine.

In the consciousness of unlimited awareness, we can continue to play the human drama, but it’s different. The lessons are on a higher level. If we want, we can even rise above all obstacles, just by being focused within a positive, live-enhancing perspective. Fear disappears for lack of our life force. There is only the vibratory level of joy, gratitude and love, recognizing and feeling the essence that we all share within universal consciousness.

We can act out of our awareness of unlimited supply of everything. It all manifests out of the quantum field of all potentialities, in the vibratory spectrum of our conscious and innate alignment. Our thoughts and emotions are carried on electromagnetic wave patterns that radiate into the enveloping quantum field. Electrically and magnetically, we attract experiences that align with our polarity and frequency patterns. How we are and how we react determine what we experience, regardless of the outward circumstances. To elevate our lives, we must elevate our mental and emotional perspective, until we are aware of being within universal consciousness.

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