A Possible Perspective on Life

I AM that I AM. What does this really mean? It is realizing our conscious life force flowing through us. It is the Creator Consciousness eternally flowing through us. It is our Universal Consciousness, our awareness of our divine Being. It is who we are in our true essence. We are the same conscious Being as the Creator. Each of us is the infinitely creative Creator. In our complete Being, each of us is unlimited in every way. We are the Supreme Creator’s consciousness. We provide experiences of all kinds for the Creator Consciousness. The Creator receives our thoughts, emotions and situations in every moment.

We vibrate at the frequency spectrum of the focus and feel of our attention. We choose our focus and how we feel about it. We also feel what’s going on in the quantum field around us within the focus of our attention.

We can focus on any vibration that we choose. If we let our emotions freely guide us to higher vibrations, we can imagine things and interactions that we feel really good about. We can look at every situation that we confront from a perspective of gratitude, compassion and love. We cannot be threatened without our permission, because we are the Infinite Creator in our expanded consciousness. Knowing that we are infinitely creative, we can be in any challenging situation and transform the energy to higher vibrations. Even if we don’t know that we can do this, we can practice, until it becomes real for us.

If we are poverty-stricken and starving, we will be very challenged to imagine with gratitude, love and joy, our next wonderful meal. But we can do it as much as possible. If reasons appear in our awareness of why we shouldn’t or can’t have that meal, they must be resolved through compassionate wisdom. Eventually we’ll be successful, and the miracle can happen and keep happening, if necessary. Meanwhile we’re not starving, we’re fasting, because that’s actually what it is. We’re preparing to be receptive to our heart’s intuitive guidance. We’re releasing all of our extraneous energy from low-vibration parasites and becoming clear about one thing—our survival. We are being asked by destiny to recognize our eternal Being. It’s time to awaken from the hypnotic dream of the human Matrix into realizing our true presence of Self.

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