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A Perspective of Expansion

A perspective is a vibratory level that we choose to be present on. Each perspective has its limits formed by our beliefs about our reality. These are our self-imposed boundaries of our consciousness. As we become aware of higher vibrations, our perspective changes. This changes our reality, because we’re opening up to greater realizations, expanding our consciousness. We see all of the difficulties and suffering that people endure in the dimensional spectrum of energy that we have lived within. We’ve been here to experience the low vibrations of the dark side of life, so that we can understand the broad spectrum of energy that we did not know. We feel compassion for all of it, because we realize that we are all the same Being. Each of us arises from the universal consciousness of the Creator in the quantum field of being.

Each of us is a personalized presence of self-awareness with a unique energy signature, into which we project our reality with our thoughts and feelings. This is how we use our consciousness to bring the energies of the quantum field around us into alignment with our own, creating experiences that we live in and interpret through our own perspective.

We can elevate our lives by elevating our perspective. Instead of being against anything and giving it our life force, we can support the energy patterns that we want and give them our attention. We can become aware of higher vibrations by calling them from within. By intending to feel loving and compassionate in the drama of humanity’s world, we are calling for higher vibrational experiences in our creative Being. This elevates the quality of our lives, which also makes it easier to continue to expand our awareness into higher-vibratory experiences.

As we are able to be more loving and joyful in our lives, we raise the frequency of our energy signature. Its radiance enhances the energy of all we encounter. In this way, we expand the consciousness of humanity as well as our own. We’re opening our awareness to recognize our sovereignty, our essential Being, our infinitely powerful creative Selves, living in unconditional love, joy, compassion and abundance. We can expand our awareness into universal consciousness.

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