A Path of Inner Guidance

Our nature is pure creativity, and we get to experience everything we create. We can express ourselves in any dimension and in any form or way that we choose. The mental and emotional aspects of our Being vibrate in unison, but at their own intensity. Our vibratory energetic amplitude can differ between thoughts and emotions, because they are in different planes of the intersecting wave patterns of our electrical and magnetic fields.

We have constant free will in every aspect of our lives. We control the focus of our attention and how we feel about it. In order for these feelings to be true, we need to be emotionally free. It can be helpful to be able to realize our eternal presence of awareness as our true reality. This knowing of ourselves can lead to much greater realization within universal consciousness.

We are not required to react to any situation we encounter with any particular emotions or thoughts, but how we react determines the quality of our experience. The vibratory level of our reactions determines the energetic quality of our creative essence, resulting in the quality of what we experience in our personal lives.

By maintaining a perspective of openness, with compassion and joy, we create elevating lives for ourselves, with great radiance of high-vibratory, positive energy for humanity and the Earth. We have a natural knowing of our intuitive guidance. It is available to us by our intent to realize it, through the life-enhancing energy of our heart. We can feel the quality of this energy and align with it, opening us to a state of joyfulness and serenity.

These energetics apply in any dimension. In the world that we experience as humans, we have limited ourselves to a virtuality realm that we believe is real and is negatively polarized with fear, ultimately fear of death and consciousness termination. We’re not required to have fear. As part of our human experience, we’ve acquired it, and we know what it is, and we can intentionally change our focus to positive energies of love. This comes with knowing our eternal presence of awareness.

We exist in many dimensions simultaneously, beyond time and space. Our human embodiment here is one of these dimensions. In the past, we have had to leave the body in order to enter a higher dimension of living. Now we can do this without leaving the body, by raising our conscious vibratory frequency and transforming the physical body to a higher state of being, with the cooperation of our subconscious, innate being.

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