A Leap in Consciousness

To make a leap in consciousness, we must recognize unconscious attachment to past trauma or training that may be carried from former lives or previously in this life. This attachment disempowers us, as does unconscious attachment to the empirical realm with no intention to change current circumstances. When we experience fear or stress, these feelings are clues to the need for us to refocus. It’s an opportunity to imagine the most beautiful and wonderful feelings that we’re capable of experiencing. By loving those emotions with understanding and gratitude, we transform our lives. We can always be quietly joyful and loving. This is a skill that we all have. We can intentionally call forth our emotions, and when we use them from a perspective of infinite abundance and creative ability, our heart’s desires become our personal experiences.

We can live in this new world intentionally. To do so means giving up all attachment to the empirical realm as we have known it, with all its limitations and consciousness blocks. We still live in the physical world, but we’re not attached. We open ourselves to participating with gratitude in a realm of joy and beauty. This is where magic happens, and every experience is wonderful. This is the realm of unconditional divine love in union with all conscious beings. Our recognition of the spark of divine life that we share with every living being means that all are loved—including those of lower frequencies. We bid them farewell from our experience by our awareness of our feeling of being the master of creative expression through love and joy.

The lower frequency beings can’t be with us because they limit their focus and desires to the lower vibrational empirical realm. We’re aware of them, and we relate only to the divine One in each of them. The consciousness of the Creator lives in everyone, and we can recognize it and relate to it. It is the feeling of love and joy in its presence within. In the lower vibrations, this presence is faint and unobtrusive, but it is there in all conscious beings.

If a person approaches us with a lower vibrational intent to satisfy some need or desire of the ego, we can remain in our divine perspective with no outside needs or desires. If the person of ego consciousness is able to be open to the feelings of the heart, (s)he can enter the realm of love and joy with us. If not, (s)he won’t want to be in our presence, because we cannot be sold anything, and we cannot be victims. It is our expanding life force that empowers our creativity.

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