A Glorious Life

What if we could transform ourselves into beautiful, loving and joyous creatures living in complete freedom in every dimension that we choose to inhabit? And what if it doesn’t cost anything to get there, except our attention and our willingness look into our heart. And we can get there at our own pace at whatever feels desirable.

We’ll have to confront all of deepest fears in challenging situations until we understand that we closed ourselves off to even allowing them to enter our awareness. They all arose to protect our ego from dreadful memories. Now we can thank our deepest being for its protection and forgive ourselves for having been sucked into fear.

Now we have the opportunity to change our perspective by feeling for our heart energy, our life force energy spectrum, where our divine Self abides in the natural energy our next higher dimension of frequency. This is the realm of unconditional love, joy, compassion, peace, beauty, freedom and abundance, in which we can express the passions of our heart fully.

The Earth has a traditional resonance frequency of 7.83 cycles per second. That vibration is weakening significantly, and the resonance has strong influences to around 40 cycles per second. This implies that everything that is in the shadows is coming into the light for transformation on every level—personal, cultural, political, financial, and more. All aspects of life on this planet are being displayed from the darkest to the brightest. We can choose the frequency that we want, and that will be our quality of life, until we decide to change it.

This is the time to get your final thrust into the dark side, if you have any curiosity there. It still has power, until it self-destructs very soon, because it can’t exist in the higher dimensions. It has no life-force from anyone any more, because no one will want to go there. The vibration is to low to be desirable.

This is when humanity can awaken all together. We’re getting there. When we ‘re all highly motivated to want a better life, we start paying attention. The lightworkers are radiant beings who know ourselves and remember how life works. This attracts those who are paying attention. And so the consciousness of humanity expands into a higher-frequency dimension at an exponential rate. We are very close to the enlightenment of humanity, of everyone who desires this.

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